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Qatar Airways Flights & Booking Deals

As conceded, 'Airplane of the Year 2021' Qatar Airways is guaranteed by the State and is a flag carrier of Qatar. The airline is situated in Doha. It flies to more than 150 destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas, and Oceania. Qatar Airways has everlastingly been on the top layouts where the best commercial airline have been recorded for a long time. The fleet size of Qatar Airways has a fleet of 200 planes. Qatar Airways is the youngest airline that serves all six Continents and is known for its fastest-creating airplane ordinary. It is also a person from the one-world agreement. The Qatar Airways are seen as 'World's Best Business Class, 'Best Business Class Seat,' and 'Best Airline in the Center East.

Qatar Airways Major Destinations

  • Kabul
  • Algiers
  • Luanda
  • Buenos Aires
  • Sydney
  • Baku
  • Dhaka
  • Sofia
  • Toronto
  • Cairo
  • Paris
  • Budapest
  • Delhi
  • Milan
  • Oslo
  • Medina
  • Doha
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Qatar Airways Class of Seats

Qatar Airways First-Class

  • Enjoy tasty feasts and lip-smacking light bites newly ready by Expert Gourmet specialists alongside a wide assortment of alcoholic and mocktails that praise your dinner.
  • Demand for great dietary dinners.
  • The flights have a relaxing 1-2-1 seat setup for all First-class flyers.
  • An utterly level bed layered with calming strands has been introduced to match carriers' exclusive requirements of solace and style.
  • Appreciate over 6.5 feet wide legroom.
  • A cutting-edge 26-inch individual theater setup that comes stacked with the most recent blockbuster, Programs, music, and games, and that's just the beginning.
Qatar Airways First-Class
Qatar Airways Business-Class

Qatar Airways Business-Class

  • Experience many solaces and great conveniences on board Qatar Airways.
  • Business Class accompanies a 2-2-2 seat setup to offer more solace and space.
  • Unwind and partake in your trip in the agreeable, completely lie-level seats, with knead capabilities to spoil you, and drove lighting to assist you with making up for the lost time you're perusing without upsetting co-travelers.
  • The personal entertainment unit has pre-stacked motion pictures, shows, music, and games. From there, the sky is the limit.
  • Brilliant installing eating experience and a fantastic choice of organic juices, mocktails, and tea from there. The sky is the limit.

Qatar Airways Economy Class

  • Regardless of the class, Qatar Airways has won acknowledgment for its brilliant help. A few advantages are delighted in by Economy Class flyers of the carrier too.
  • Get the most recent blockbuster, watch television or pay attention to your #1 class of music in the individual in-flight entertainment device.
  • Partake in the solace of Qatar Airways Economy Class Seats which accompany more extra space to move around.
  • They appreciate admittance to the in-flight theater setup, 10.6 touch screen, the more central point of leaning back, and headrests.
  • Economy Class travelers are additionally given covers, cushions, toiletry pockets, and hot towels.
Qatar Airways Economy-Class

Flight Status & Guidelines from Qatar Airways

If you have booked your flight tickets with Qatar Airways, looking for flight status is as easy as booking your keys in the first place. The passengers can quickly investigate the current day and even month’s reservations and flight status if it’s running on time or rescheduled flight status for the passenger's convenience and their time. If you desire a deep understanding of your flight, sign in to the PNR Status of the airline, and details will be before your screen. PNR Status inquiry is the ideal way of social occasion the affirmation about your flight. So, when you fly with any Carrier, you ought to look at the flight PNR Status before flying.

Qatar Airways Online Check-in & Baggage Payment
  • Qatar Airways reservation online enrollment can be benefitted either through web enlistment or application enrollment.
  • The cycle is the same for both online enrollment techniques, and it is just that the association point is exceptional.
  • PDA association point is for application reservation, and PC/PC/tablets are for web enlistment.
  • Online reservations require the convenience of the traveler, baggage details, personal id, Visa, and PNR number.
  • An online reservation ought to be done something like 48 hours (around 2 days) before departure time and can be benefitted if 2 hours before the flight.
  • Qatar Airways reservations give two decisions to staff, one is prepaid baggage, and the other is at the enlistment cabin baggage.
  • Recognized payment gateways are Visa, check card, UPI, miles program drive, and money.
Qatar Airways Carry-On Baggage & Fees
  • Reliant upon one lightweight suitcase and one item is allowed free of cost.
  • Personal baggage incorporates a handbag, camera, umbrella, coat, and PC pack.
  • The total burden for lightweight bags and individual things should be 22 lbs.
  • The lightweight bag perspectives should match the 22 x 16 x 10 inches assessment.
  • Different courses of action could apply if the codeshare endurance is associated with the traveler's timetable.
  • Things/knickknacks purchased at the air terminal are seen as a component of your lightweight stuff.
  • Carry-on baggage should fit in the extra room.
  • Personal baggage should be reserved fittingly under the seat given toward the front of your heart.

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

Adult Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways Baggage allowance policy is contingent on weight and piece system. Onboard, passengers can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item free of cost. In addition, any baggage that exceeds these limits will likely have to be checked and will incur an additional fee.

Baggage allowances may vary depending on your route and cabin class. Please check the baggage regulations printed on your ticket for more information.

Qatar Airways Offers Flying in 3 Cabins

Economy, Business and First class. Further, these cabins offer variable ticket types within them to cater to different passenger needs.

Economy Ticket Types are Divided into 3 Fare Types

Economy classic, economy convenience, and economy comfort. Economy classic ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 55 lb, economy convenience ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 66 lb, and economy comfort allows checked baggage allowance up to 77 lb.

Business Ticket Types are Divided into 3 Fare Types

Business classic, business comfort, and business elite. Business classic ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 88 lb, business comfort ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 88 lb, and business elite ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 77 lb.

First Class Ticket Types are Divided into 2 Fare Types

First class and first elite. First class and first elite ticket allows checked baggage allowance up to 110 lb.

  • Maximum dimensions allowed for check-in baggage are 158 cm (L+W+H) or 300 cm by weight.
  • A single piece of checked-in baggage should not weigh more than 70 lb.
  • For routes where weight concept applies, there is no limit on the number of pieces unless the total weight exceeds the prescribed limit. However, there are going to be certain limits owing to the aircraft capacity.
Child Baggage Allowance

Children (aged over 2) and infants traveling on child fare are given baggage allowance same as the adult as they need to purchase a ticket fare.

If you are carrying an infant ticket type, you are allowed 1 plus 1 collapsible baby carriage. If the piece concept is applied to the route you are traveling, you can carry one checked baggage weighing 50 lb, whereas in case of weight concept, an infant is allowed up to 22 lb in all cabin classes.

Qatar Airways Food Policy

Travelers traveling business or economy cabins will have an invigorating experience onboard with some of the best globe foods that will leave them wanting for more. Business passengers on long haul flights can preselect the inflight meal ahead of your flight.

They not only have food choices for business class in-flight foods but for economy and different religious foods like Halal certified foods & Hindu foods are also served. Let’s have a look into various meal services over different cabin products.

  • Qatar Airways Business Class Food Services (International): Passengers can pre-select in-flight meals, have a choice between a variety of meals and can pre-order them 48 hours prior to the departure time. Welcoming drinks and snacks are offered at the airport as well as during the flight take off. Snacks and drinks are given to passengers from time to time. Main meals include American cheeseburger, Thai burger, lobster & oxtail, Artisan bread, fresh salad, scrambled eggs, bread & cheese, a small lobster & egg dish, a jalapeno soup, meatballs, and zucchini noodles.
  • Qatar Airways Economy Cabin Food Services: Food given on the economy cabin is up to the highest standards and are in line with Halal certifications. 19 special meals are offered to customers who need it. Before main meal services, pre-selected drinks, snacks and refreshments are given to the passengers. Main meals include plant based vegan dishes, Cheeses & bread, crackers, chocolate from Godiva, potato crisps, fresh fruit, salad, vegetarian bean croquette served with rice and tomato sauce, the chicken kaspa, a spinach and lemon dahl heated wrap and scrambled eggs.

Qatar Airways Child Policy

When flying pregnant, or flying with Kids, Qatar airways offers one of the safest rides. Onboard utilities make sure both parent and kid get a next-level experience and remain refreshed and invigorated throughout the journey. Here is the summary of Qatar Airways flying when pregnancy, child travel, and infant policies.

  • Flying When Pregnant: Qatar Airways suggests pregnant passengers can fly but need a sign-in letter from their respective doctors to present them at the time of traveling. The airline reserves the right to cancel or deny your boarding if you are not carrying a medical certificate or it is outdated. Pregnant women who are in their 36th week or beyond can not fly with Qatar Airways. If the pregnancy stage is up to the 28th week and there are no complications, you are free to fly with the airline without a medical certificate and MEDIF form. But if you are in your 29th week and up to 32nd week of pregnancy and it is a single pregnancy without complications, a doctor certificate and MEDIF form is required. For women who are in their 29th week and up to 32nd week of pregnancy and it is a multiple pregnancy with complications, a doctor certificate and MEDIF form is also required. Lastly if it is single pregnancy or multiple and with or without complications and you are in your 33rd week and up to 35th week or 36th week, you can’t fly with Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar Airways Infant Policy: Infants in their first 8 days of birth are not allowed to travel with Qatar Airways. Passengers chartering the airline must be at least 18 years old to bring an infant aged between 9 days to 2 years. Infant can sit on lap of the passenger, and if you are bringing another one, you have to purchase an additional seat. If the infant turns 2 years before the return trip, then applicable child fare, taxes, fees may apply. A maximum of 2 infants per parent is allowed and they have to bring their own infant car safety seat.
  • Qatar Airways Child Seating Policy: An infant aged between 8 days and 2 years is not allowed to purchase an additional seat, he/she can sit on lap.If you are bringing another infant, an additional seat has to be purchased. Children aged between 2 to 12 years will be required to purchase an adult seat.
  • Qatar Airways Child Fare: The infant fare is calculated from a discount applied to the adult fare. If the infant discount is not offered for the adult fare purchased, the next higher fare that offers the infant discount will be used as the base for calculation. The infant fare is subject to ticket rules and conditions.
  • Qatar Airways Child Meal: They serve healthy and nutritious meals for children with colorful and child-safe cutlery.

Qatar Airways Pet Policy

Qatar Airways pet policy allows travelers to bring their furrow friends in the hold, registered cargo or in the cabin (only falcons). One pet is allowed per passenger. The cargo section of the airplane has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger cabin. Make sure pet reservations are made at least 48 hours prior to the departure. Medically certified dogs can travel in the cabin to support visually and hearing impaired passengers. If your pet is traveling in the cargo section, whether it is a registered cargo or checked cargo, the pet crate in which your pet is traveling must be IATA compliant.

Breeds which are considered dangerous and are not allowed to be transported either as a registered cargo or checked baggage: Affenpinscher, Tibetan Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chow Chow, Dogue de Bordeaux, English Toy Spaniel. Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel), Lhasa Apso, Mastiff (all breeds), Pekingese, Pug (all breeds), Shih Tzu and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Cats: Himalayan, Persian or Exotic shorthair. Furthermore, the following dangerous dogs should be avoided: Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasiliera and Dogo Argentino.

  • Qatar Airways Pet Policy International:If you want to travel with your pet internationally, you not only have to meet the criteria of departure airport but also of arrival airport. Book your pet at least 48 hours before the departure, ensure all required health documents and certificates are present and lastly, the pets are at least 12 weeks old. Then check in them at the passenger counter and pay pet transport charges. All pets traveling internationally must be vaccinated and microchipped. Some countries will require an Import permit. Traveling to another country, make sure you have met that country's veterinary certification as well.
  • Qatar Airways Pet Carrier Requirements
  • Pet container must provide ample space for live animals to turn around, sit down,stand up and does not hinder any moment of the pets.
  • Size, dimensions and weight must be according to the IATA guidelines. Read chapter 8 (container requirement 1).
  • Handles must be attached to the container.
  • It must be well ventilated and spacious enough for your pet to stand up and turn around.
  • The bottom must be waterproof.
  • The weight of the care including the pet must not exceed 75 kg and the total dimensions of the crate must not be larger than 118 inches (L+W+H).
  • Qatar Airways Pet Policy Service Dogs: Visually and hearing disabled customers can bring with them service dogs without any charges.There is no weight restriction for service dogs and a minimum notice of 48 hours is required. On flights longer than 8 hours, pet owners on their own have to take care of pet hygiene.
  • Qatar Airways Emotional Support Animals: Travelers can bring one service or emotional support animal (dog) on their Qatar airways flights. Service dogs must be trained to support disabled passengers with problems like sight, hearing, seizures, etc. On flights to/from Australia, Brazil, Canada, EU, Georgia, Norway, India, Switzerland, and the United States; passengers can travel with emotional support dogs free of cost and for the rest of flights, they can travel free of cost as checked baggage.

Qatar Airways Customer Service

Qatar Airways customer service is one of the best in the Middle East and strongly tackles all deviations passengers find when flying with Qatar Airways. Travelers flying to the USA, domestic travel, Asia, or Europe will find Qatar Airways customer service always ready to take care of problems of passengers– be it cancellation, refund, reservations, delay, or lost luggage. The waiting time for passengers at Qatar Airways customer care number is around 33 minutes of average time.

Qatar Airways customer service is open for all international travelers 24x7 though calling time may differ in some countries due to the non-availability of staff or lack of Qatar Airways flight operations in that country. Let’s have a detailed look into Qatar Airways Customer Services.

  • Qatar Airways Customer Service Chat (LiveChat): This option is present on the Qatar Airways reservation website. Customers can engage with AI Chatbot functions and enquire about issues like flight timings, change of Qatar Airways flight, lowest Qatar Airways flight fares, services onboard, flight times of arrival & departure, or lost baggage. Depending on the query and time of the day, you will be communicating either with a live person or automatic generated answers via a robot. The Qatar Airways chatbox is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Qatar Airways Customer Service Hours: USA, UK, and Europe’s Qatar Airways customer service is available 24x7 365 days as the airline has established volumes of call centers across the world to cater customer flight problems. Primary languages in which Qatar Airways customer care talk are Arabic and English. Calling hours are Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5:30pm EST; best time to call: 9:30am. 877-777-2827 is the best number to dial. To prompt your call to a live person, press 2.
  • Qatar Airways Service Email: Qatar Airways does not provide customer care email support, instead call on their hotline or visit webpage. Best number for Turkish customer care is 877-777-2827.
  • Qatar Airways Waiting Time: Travelers can expect an average waiting time of 33 minutes on their reservation number.
  • Qatar Airways Customer Service Number: Dial 844-202-6662 to make a reservation. To change Qatar Airways flight, cancel flight, inquire about delay or lost luggage, dial 877-777-2827. On 877-777-2827, callback service is not available available but picked up by a real number. Average waiting time is 32 minutes.

Qatar Airways Reservations

Qatar Airways bookings cater all kinds of fare needs. You can book Qatar Airways flights for as low as 16 dollars and can go as high as 1,108 dollars, it all depends on the route, services onboard and airport services. Let's look into various segments of Qatar Airways reservations.

  • Website Booking: This option can be accessed from the browser of your PC or tablet. Once you have entered the Qatar Airways reservations website, enter your flight requirements on the booking form on top of the landing page, and accordingly the website will generate you several flight deals. Pick and choose the offer, make the required payment and you are good to go.
  • How To Make Changes/Cancellation/File For Refund: Qatar Airways manage my bookings section allows you to make flight change, cancellation, or file for refund besides other arrangements. Seat if not taken or pre-decided can be selected via Qatar Airways my bookings. Also, make changes in in-flight meals or order a special meal with Qatar Airways “Manage My Bookings”.
  • Qatar Airways Booking App: Similar to Qatar Airways reservation website, Qatar Airways booking app is used by travelers to make travel bookings. App is installed with several features to make customer-friendly bookings, have the least processing time and from time to time, the app runs offers and discounts to make greater savings on Qatar Airways flight deals.
  • Qatar Airways Reservation Telephone or Phone number: 844-202-6662 is the customer's favorite number. Dial it to make your reservations or contact them on www.qatarairways.com. At this number, customers can enquire about queries like refunding a charge, making bookings, cancellation, lost baggage, and ticket changes.

Qatar Airways Change Flight Policy

Qatar Airways change policy allows travelers to avoid last minute changes without causing any major inconvenience to them. If you book your tickets on the cause of the moment; then take it easy, Qatar Airways flight change policy has your back.

  • Qatar Airways change policy allows any modifications to the tickets for free, but it must be done within 24 hours of booking.
  • If Qatar Airways tickets are purchased online, you can only make changes or modifications on the Qatar Airways Reservation website. Same goes for the ticket purchased through customer care.
  • Changes made after 24-hours of booking, will incur an additional charge.
  • As a result of changing flights and booking a new Qatar Airways flight ticket in the process, any increase in the price is paid by the traveler and if the flight price is less than the old one, the airline will pay the customers.
  • Passengers can change their date, time, itinerary, meals and seats without any charges, if done according to the Qatar Airways change policy 2023.
  • If a passenger has booked a round trip and wants to change it to a one-way trip, then Qatar Airways will charge change fees on only one way fare.
  • Slightly misspelled names on tickets can be changed free of cost but the ticket can not be reissued to a different passenger.
  • Meal changes can be made till your departure date. A small amount will be charged.
  • Minor changes can be done free of cost on the same day as the booking.
  • For travelers to change their surnames, proper documentation must be shared.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

The cost of flight cancellations can be high as well as confusing. The cancellation policy is explained on this page in simple terms. It will help you understand the cancellation policy and how to save time and money if you ever need to cancel your flight (or apply for a refund).

The Qatar Airways cancellation policy prohibits most refunds. You can, however, cancel your flight and receive a full refund if you meet the following conditions:

Qatar Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy: It allows a customer to cancel their flight without incurring any additional charges. The only conditions to which customers have to adhere to is Qatar Airways flight is canceled within 24-hours, flight is flying in/out of the USA, and the Qatar Airways flight is due to fly in 7 days or more. Lastly, the flight is booked on Qatar Airways reservation website, and not with a 3rd party travel company.

  • You had a booking and were denied entry.
  • Your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more.
  • There is a reschedule with your flight, causing you to miss your connecting flight.
  • You have purchased a first flex ticket.
  • In case of death of a passenger/immediate family member, serious illness, etc. (subject to documentary evidence and Cathay Pacific agreeing to it), you can cancel your Cathay Pacific ticket and apply for a full refund.
  • Qatar Airways Cancellation Charges: It differs for ticket type to type. As of now, all change charges have been waived off till further notice.
  • Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy 2022 Changes: The new provisions allows customers to cancel your trip and board another flight or request for a refund, if you canceled your Qatar Airways flight before your departure. Any changes to your tickets or refund will be accepted without any charges if done during the course of covid. Only paid tickets are eligible for cancellation and refund (excluding award tickets, military tickets). Those who have booked through the frequent flyer program will be refunded the points back at their club account.
  • Qatar Airways Change Flight: To change your Qatar Airways flight date or time, change it under Manage My bookings heading without costing anything if done within the given time period and is according to the policies of the airlines. Customers can also make changes by calling the Qatar Airways customer care number, but changes will not be instant and may incur additional charges.
  • Qatar Airways Cancellation Insurance: Qatar Airways official in-flight insurance partner is AIG Travel Guard which will provide cover for losses against cancellation, delay or lost baggage. Additionally, you can also purchase a third party insurance to be insured against any losses.

Qatar Airways Refund Policy

Qatar Airways refund policy contains a number of points and rules & regulations which if we start to talk about, can take a chunk of your time. So,considering the busy schedule of people, we have dedicated this section to only major highlights which will cover all immediate and primary flight refund issues.

  • Qatar Airways Refund Processing Time: Around 7 to 15 business days can take to process your Qatar Airways ticket refund. In case of third-party bookings or travel agents bookings, refunds will not be handled by Qatar Airways airlines but the provider.
  • Qatar Airways Refund Status: Qatar Airways refund claims are filed online on “ Qatar Airways manage My Bookings” or via a refund form on the Qatar Airways reservation website. Registered customers or Privilege club members can file a refund and check its status under ‘Manage My Bookings Headings”, whereas non-registered customers or new ones have to file a refund forum online on the Qatar Airways booking website. Subtleties which customers have to fill include first name, last name, PNR number, ticket type, payment method, and mobile number. Tickets which are eligible for refund, automatically get a cancellation button under “Manage my Bookings” head, click on it and claim your refund.
  • Qatar Airways Refund Policy Within 24 Hours: A full refund is granted if cancellation is done within 24 cancellation policy irrespective of the ticket type. You will get your refund in 6 to 15 business working days to the original payment method.
  • Qatar Airways Refund Email: Qatar Airways do not offer email support when it comes to refund queries or claims. You have to either call its reservation number or go to Qatar Airways “Manage My Bookings” Head
  • Qatar Airways Refundable Tickets: Qatar Airways tickets are classified into low-fare tickets and high-fare tickets. Low fare tickets or economy/premium economy fares are non-refundable, you can only get credit points to book future travel tickets. Fully flex business or first class tickets are refundable ones, though you will be charged a cancellation fee depending on the time and date when you cancel your tickets.
  • Qatar Airways No-Show Refunds: Passengers can claim the refund only after the scheduled departure and are subject to no-show fee alongside airlines cancellation fees.


Q - What is the Qatar Airways reservation number?

Ans- While 877-777-2827 is Qatar Airways' best complementary number, there are 3 whole ways of reaching out to them. The ideal way to converse with their client service group, as indicated by other Qatar Airways clients, is by calling their 844-202-6662 telephone number for their Book a Flight Now office. Other than calling, the most loved choice for clients searching for help is using 844-202-6662 to Book a Flight Now.

Q - Why do we book Qatar Airways flight tickets with Travelsotravel.com?

Ans- TravelsOtravel is a third-party website that allows customers to book and cancel flight tickets. The website has tie-ups with all the major airlines so that we can provide our customers with the best possible price in the market available at that time.

Q - How do I cancel my Qatar Airways flight and get a refund?

Ans- You can quickly cancel your flight and have a fair amount of money returned from the net worth of your pass to the original mode of payment online with Qatar Airways. You can call the customer service department to cancel it as soon as you make up your mind.

To follow through with a refund process online:
  • Hop on to manage to book.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference/e-ticket number.
  • Drop your flight and present a discount demand. Recover booking.
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