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ANA Airways Flights & Booking

ANA Airways( also known as All Nippon Airways) flights operations are extensive, offering ANA flights to 130 routes including cities of Japan. It runs 8 domestic flights a day on 5 routes and 108 flights weekly on 20 routes. Fleet of ANA Airways is a younger one, comprising tech like carbon controlling engines, biofuel, anemometer, barometric altimeter, highly efficient wings system, turbulence control and fuel burn refinement. Seats are limited on ANA Airways and you are advised against booking last minute ANA Flight deals. Likewise, fares and conditions of ANA Airways are contingent.

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ANA Airways Routes and Destinations

ANA Airways operates a consistent fleet to run its routes, deploying the likes of 777-300ER, A380, 787-9, 787-8 and NEW 700-300ER. On domestic routes, the carrier company employs narrowbody aircrafts and for international routes, it uses a combination of widebody and narrowbody airplanes.

  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Manila
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Los Angeles
  • Honolulu
  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Chicago
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Top ANA Airways International Routes

Sr No. International Route Frequency Fleet Cabin Classes
1 Tokyo (NRT) to New York (JFK) Daily 777-300ER First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy
2 Tokyo (NRT) to Los Angeles (LAX) 2x Daily 777-300ER First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy
3 Chicago (ORD) – Tokyo-Haneda (HND) Daily 777-300ER First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy
4 Tokyo (NRT) to Washington (IAD) Daily 777-300ER First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy
5 Tokyo (NRT) to Houston (IAH) Daily 777-300ER First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy

ANA Airways First Class

ANA Airways First Class Private Suites:
  • It is divided into 3 styles: The Suite, ANA First Square, and Airbus A380 First Class Seats.
  • Each suite's seats are equipped with privacy doors and aisle access.
  • Seats are fully-flat, with features like full HD entertainment screens, multiple storage spaces, ac power outlets, USB power outlets, and a movable table.
  • Connect your smart gadgets with ANA WI-FI services.
  • Pre-paid extra baggage convenience in case you exceed the free baggage allowance.
  • An in-flight medical support, allowing access to medical professionals 24 hours a day.
  • Meal lights as well as read lights on all seats.
  • In-seat mini-bar, loungewear, amenity kits, foot roller, and a desk with stationery drawer.
  • Dine-on-demand service
ANA Airways First Class Ground Experience:
  • Private chauffeur service to and from the airport.
  • Complimentary food and beverages.
  • Refreshing shower facilities.
  • Fully equipped parlor centers.
  • Fast Track Security
  • ANA Arrival lounges access
  • First Class Priority Baggage
  • Travelers are welcome to board and leave aircraft first.
ANA Airways First Class
ANA Airways Business Class

ANA Airways Business Class

ANA Airways Business Class Onboard Experience:
  • It is divided into 3 styles: The Room, ANA Business Staggered, and ANA Business Cradle.
  • Seats come with features like direct aisle access, foldable bed option, privacy doors, and full-fledged entertainment screens.
  • A large dining table, a universal port and USB charging ports.
  • Seats are extremely comfortable and spacious. They have in-built massage machines.
  • Connect your smart gadgets with ANA WI-FI services.
  • Pre-paid extra baggage convenience just in case you are exceeding the free baggage allowance.
  • In-flight medical support, allowing access to medical professionals 24 hours a day.
  • Dine-on-demand service.
  • Maruhachi Mawata feather inspired comforter to make your experience top-notch and comfortable up in the sky.
ANA Airways Business Class Ground Experience:
  • Private chauffeur service to and from the airport.
  • Complimentary food and beverages.
  • Business class priority baggage.
  • Fast Track Security and Priority Boarding.
  • Be first to disembark from the aircraft.

ANA Airways Premium Economy

ANA Airways Premium Economy Onboard Experience:
  • Seats provide considerable legroom space and larger seat pitch.
  • Seats swell up to 90 degrees.
  • A 15.6 inch personal entertainment screen is given on all seats.
  • In-flight medical support
  • Enjoy continuous streaming and OTT platforms via in-flight ANA WI-FI services
  • 2 meal services are given throughout the journey along with a wide variety of snacks and drinks.
  • Drinks section includes items like Champagne, red wine, white wine, Sake, Umeshu Plum Wine, Sochu, soft drinks, and water bottles.
  • In-flight entertainment includes movies, tv shows, games, OTT shows, HBO Max, and latest hollywood movies.
ANA Airways Premium Economy Ground Experience:
  • Premium Economy Priority Baggage
  • Kiosk Machine Check-ins
  • Paid Snacks and drinks
ANA Airways Premium Economy
ANA Airways Economy

ANA Airways Economy

ANA Airways Economy Onboard Experience:
  • Seats are slimmer in size and have brighter ambience. It offers armrests, just enough legroom, a personalized TV, a utility tray and charging units.
  • Edge-based seating to provide a few inches of recline support.
  • Seats have a pitch of 34 inches.
  • Paid advance seat reservation.
  • In-flight medical support.
ANA Airways Economy Ground Experience:
  • Economy Priority Baggage
  • Kiosk Machine Check-ins
  • Paid Snacks and drinks
  • Paid Advance Seat Reservation

ANA Airways Flight Status & Guidelines

ANA Airways majority of flights take off from Tokyo International Airport via Haneda and Narita bases. Passengers can check their reservations via View My Reservations on the ANA airways webpage. In case of delay/cancellation/diversions, you will be awarded either full refund or certificates. ANA Airways customers can search for their flight status 28 days prior to the departure date by mentioning the flight number or airport number on ANA airways reservation webpage or call their customer care number. Also, an email/sms/booking app support is provided by the ANA airways for flight status.

ANA Airways Online Check-in & Baggage Payment
  • ANA airways online check-in can be availed either through web check-in or app check-in.
  • Process is the same for both online check-in methods, it is just that the interface is different.
  • Smartphone interface is for app check-in, and PC/laptop/tablets is for web check-in.
  • Online check-in requires submission of traveler baggage details, documents, personal id, passport, and PNR number.
  • Online check-in must be done at least 48 hours before the departure time and can be availed till 2 hours before the flight departure.
  • ANA airways provides two options for baggage, one is pre-paid baggage payment and other is at the check-in counter baggage payment.
  • Accepted payment methods are credit card, debit card, UPI, miles program points, and cash.
ANA Airways Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees
  • Up to one carry-on bag and one personal item is allowed free of cost.
  • Personal items list are handbag, camera, umbrella, jacket, raincoat, laptop bag and binoculars.
  • The total weight for carry-on bag and personal item shouldnt exceed 22 lbs.
  • Carry-on bag dimensions should match the 22 x 16 x 10 inches measurement.
  • Different airline baggage policies may apply if the codeshare flight or flight is included in the traveler's itinerary.
  • Items/souvenirs purchased at the airport are considered part of your carry-on luggage.
  • Carry-on luggage should fit the overhead compartment.
  • The Personal item should be stowed properly under the seat given in the front of your seat.

ANA Airways Baggage Allowance

ANA AIRWAYS baggage allowance differs for both domestic and international routes. Other criteria that decides checked baggage allowance are ticket types, route, cabin class, and fleet. To cater to customers' various propositions and arrangements in regards to baggage allowance, ANA airways offers both piece and weight based baggage allowance. We have dissected this section according to the most search keywords that customers enquire online. Let’s have a look.

ANA Airways Baggage Allowance International and ANA Airways Baggage Weight
  • Economy Cabin: You can carry 1 hand baggage, 1 personal item, and 1 checked-in baggage. Personal items may include a bag, a satchel, a laptop bag, camera, binoculars, jacket and an umbrella.
  • Premium Economy: You can carry 1 hand baggage, 1 personal item, and 2 checked-in baggage.
  • Business Cabin: You can carry 2 handbags, 1 personal item, and 2 checked-in bags.
  • La Premiere: You can carry 2 handbags, 1 personal item, and 3 checked-in bags.
  • Light and basic fares do not offer checked baggage allowance. You can purchase it for 25 euros online and 40 euros at the airport.
  • Maximum weight allowed is 23 kg for economy cabin and 32 kg for business cabin.
  • Maximum dimensions allowed is 158 cm (L+W+H).

ANA Airways Food Policy

ANA Airways offers a variety of meals, snacks and drinks services and each food item varies from flight to flight. On international flights, a separate set of meals is given favoring the destination, whereas on domestic flights, meal items are pretty much Japan native food items. Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are served along with special meals and child meals. Here is a breakdown of ANA Airways food services.

ANA Airways First Class And Business Cabin Food Services (International)

Both cabins offer a world class dining experience, which starts from the airport till you have arrived at your ideal destination. Food items include a plate of combination of roasted chicken mixed pine nuts, fried then simmered bamboo shoots, and simmered carrots, Shinmonzen Yonemura, IPPUDO Plant-based "Pla-ton" Ramen, Rice Crackers "Arare" (vegetarian and halal-certified, gluten-free) and A "healthy" katsudon. Drinks section comprises finest red and white wines selection, Japanese sake, Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay Mimi wine, Château Castegens 2016 wine and coffee & soft drinks.

ANA Airways Premium Economy And Economy Cabin Food Services

On this cabin food services, expect food meals like original bread using natural yeast, a salad driven from kale, Japanese arar rice crackers, and candies. Drinks section includes Syrah, Carignan France (Red Wine), Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc France (White Wine), Japanese sake and soft drinks.

ANA Airways Child Policy

A child is a significant step into one’s life, considering that ANA Airways allows flying when pregnant, flying with a newborn baby or toddler, baby and child meals, child in-flight entertainment, bassinet policy and much more. Here is the summary of ANA airlines flying when pregnancy, child travel, and infant policies.

  • Flying When Pregnant: If you are flying 4 weeks prior to your child birth, you will need a doctor medical report mentioning you are fit to travel and there are no complications. If you travel within 7 days of the due date, you need to bring onboard a physician.
  • ANA AIRWAYS Infant Policy: Infants in their first 8 days of birth are not allowed to travel with ANA Airways. Passengers chartering ANA airways must be at least 12 years old to bring an infant aged between 9 days to 2 years. Infant can sit on lap, and if you are bringing another one, you have to purchase an additional seat. Price of that seat will be charged at 10% of the adult fare if traveling internationally, otherwise 25%. A ticket has to be purchased for an infant over 2 years.
  • ANA Airways Child Seating Policy: An infant aged between 8 days and 2 years is not allowed to purchase an additional seat, he/she can sit on lap.If you are bringing another infant, an additional seat has to be purchased. Children aged between 5 to 11 years will be required to purchase an adult seat.
  • ANA Airways Child Fare: ANA Airways child fare is usually 10% of the adult fare for international flights and 75% of the adult fare for flights within Japan. If not accompanied by an adult over 12 years of age, adult fare will be applied to children 5 to 11 years of age.
ANA Airways Child Meal
  • Infant Meal: Approved for infants aged 6 months to 2 years old. It includes simple and light meals containing items like chopped, mashed foods.
  • Children’s Meal: Approved for children aged 2 to 8 years old, this meal does not contain spices, candy or any small food items.

ANA Airways Pet Policy

ANA Airways pet policy is one of the safest and best in Asia, allowing travelers to bring one pet per passenger in the cabin, in the hold or as a registered cargo. Different degrees of laws and provisions apply when transporting a pet with ANA Airways. For international travel, you must meet the guidelines of both ANA airlines and IATA.

Here are the main highlights of ANA Airways Pet Policies
  • ANA Airways Pet Policy International: To travel your pet internationally, you not only have to meet the criteria of departure airport but also of arrival airport. Book your pet at least 48 hours before the departure, ensure all required health documents and certificates are in symmetry and lastly, the pets are at least 8 months old. Then check in them at the passenger counter and pay pet transport charges. All pets traveling internationally must be vaccinated and microchipped. Some countries will require an Import permit. Traveling to another country, make sure you have met that country's veterinary certification as well.
  • ANA Airways Pet Carrier Requirements
  • Pet container must provide ample space for live animals to turn around, sit down,stand up and does not hinder any moment of the pets.
  • Size, dimensions and weight must be according to the IATA guidelines.
  • Handles must be attached to the container.
  • It must be well ventilated and spacious enough for your pet to stand up and turn around.
  • The bottom must be waterproof.
  • A pair of birds is allowed per container.
  • ANA Airways Pet Policy Business class: On intercontinental flights and business flights, pets will be accepted as checked baggage in the hold.
  • ANA Airways Pet Policy Service Dogs: Visually and hearing disabled customers can bring with them service dogs without any charges.There is no weight restriction for service dogs and a minimum notice of 48 hours is required. On flights longer than 8 hours, pet owners on their own have to take care of pet hygiene.
  • ANA Airways Emotional Support Animal: ANA Airways do not accept emotional support animals in the cabin on flights to/from USA and Canada, rather they can be transported as a registered cargo. If you are traveling within the USA, emotional support dogs will only be accepted on the United airlines codeshare flights.

ANA Customer Service

Ana Airways customer service is one of the best in Japan and strongly tackles all deviations passengers find when flying with ANA airways. Travelers flying to the USA, domestic travel, or Europe will find ANA Airways customer service always ready to take care of problems of passengers, whether it's cancellation or lost luggage. The waiting time for passengers at ANA airways customer care number is around 20 minutes approx and if not, customers can engage their problems hassle free at the ANA airways customer care page or with a live person at ANA Airways live chat on ANA reservation website/ booking app. Be it refund form, Cancellation Policy, what to do in case of major delay, involuntary cancellation, flight change, or lost luggage; ANA Airways customer care services covers it all.

ANA Airways customer service is open for all international travelers 24x7 though calling time may differ in some countries due to the non-availability of staff or lack of ANA Airways flight operations in that country. Let’s have a detailed look into ANA AIRWAYS Customer Services.

  • ANA Airways Customer Service Chat (Chatbox): This option is present on the ANA AIRWAYS reservation website and ANA Airways App. Customers can engage with a live person through the airline's customer service chat option and enquire about issues like flight timings, change of ANA flight, lowest flight fares, services onboard, flight times of arrival & departure, or lost baggage. Depending on the query and time of the day, you will be communicating with a live person or automatic generated answers via a robot. The ANA Airways chatbox is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • ANA Airways Customer Service Hours: USA, UK, and Europe’s ANA Airways customer service is available 24x7 365 days as the airline has established volumes of call centers across the world to cater customer flight problems. Primary languages in which ANA AIRWAYS customer care talk are Japanese and English. Calling hours are 5:30 am to 6 pm (Mon- Fri), and 5:30 am to 2 pm (Sat-Sun) PST. To get a prompt you call a live person, dial 1, then 3, and then 2.
  • ANA Airways Service Email: ANA desk support is the official mail to file your complaints or queries.
  • ANA Airways Waiting Time: Long telephone hold times are the new normal when dialing its customer care number but not with ANA Airways customer care waiting time. The best way to connect instantly to ANA customer care is by dialing their official phone number 1-800-235-9262 and then follow to the automatic voice prompts to reach the live person.Travelers can expect an average waiting time of 34 minutes.
  • ANA Airways Customer Service Number: Dial 1-800-235-9262 to make a booking, change of flight, cancel flight, inquire about delay or lost luggage. On this number, callback service is available and is picked up by a real number. Average waiting time is 34 minutes. For global support, ANA Airways offers following customer service numbers:
  • (800) 262-2230 (US Toll-Free)
  • (310) 782-3011 (US Charged)
  • +8 157 002 9701(ANA Airport Support Inquiries)
  • +8 136 741 8702 (ANA Airport Support Inquiries)
  • +8 136 741 8900 (Within Japan 7 days/week)
  • +8 112 002 9377 (Within Japan Toll-free)
  • +8 157 002 9377 (Within Japan Сharged)

ANA Phone Number

ANA AIRWAYS has bifurcated different customer care numbers for different problems. To make ANA Airways reservations, two numbers are most often used, one is toll free and other is charged. 1-800-235-9262 is the toll free number and 310-782-3011 is the charged phone number.

  • ANA Airways 24 Hour Customer Number: 1-800-235-9262 is your go-to ANA's contact number if you are looking for a 24x7 day days helpline number. Travelers can dial in between the time period of 5;30 am to 6 pm(Mon-Fri) and 5;30 am to 2 pm (Sat-Sun) PST. Callback option is not available on this number. You can also try other two numbers of ANA Airways customer care which are 800-872-3224 and 800-872-3224. The quality of help is 91% and the quality of communication is 86%.
  • ANA Airways Cargo Customer Service Phone Number: For damage or delayed baggage, here is the contact information of airports where ANA Airways operates its bases.

ANA Reservations

ANA Airways bookings cater all kinds of fare needs. You can book ANA Airways flights for as low as 58 dollars and can go as high as 788 dollars, it all depends on the route, services onboard and services onboard and at the airport. Then there is a live tracking system in-build into the reservation website to check your ANA flight status. Live tracking feature is enabled with features like minute by minute flight updates, a 30-minute notice in case of delays/cancellation, and up to 3 months advance tracking.

  • Website Booking: This option can be accessed from the browser of your PC or tablet. Once you have entered the ANA AIRWAYS reservations website, enter your flight requirements on the booking form on top of the landing page, and accordingly the website will generate you several flight deals. Pick and choose the offer, make the required payment and you are good to go.
  • How To Make Changes/Cancellation/File For Refund: ANA Airways manage my bookings section allows you to make flight change, cancellation, or file for refund besides other arrangements. Seat if not taken or pre-decided can be selected via ANA AIRWAYS my bookings. Also, make changes in in-flight meals or order a special meal via same.
  • ANA Airways Booking App: Similar to ANA Airways reservation website or its booking app is used by travelers to make flight bookings. App is installed with several features to make customer-friendly bookings and with least processing time and from time to time, the app runs offers and discounts to make greater savings on specific flight deals.
  • ANA Airways Reservation Telephone or Phone Number: Best number to dial is 1-800-235-9262 (toll-free) or +1-310-782-3011 (charged) to get instantly ANA Airways bookings or contact them on www.ana.co. ANA Airways Flying Mileage Club can contact the above given number to make reservations or enquiries and by mentioning their Flying Mileage club number, they get the exclusive services. Average waiting time for Mileage Club customers is 34 minutes approx.

ANA Airways Change Flight Policy

ANA Airways change policy allows travelers to avoid last minute changes robustly without causing any inconvenience to them. If you book your tickets on the cause of the moment; then take it easy with flight change policy has your back.

  • ANA Airways change policy allows any modifications to the tickets for free, but it must be done within 24 hours of booking.
  • If ANA Airways tickets are purchased online, you can only make changes or modifications on the ANA AIRWAYS Reservation website. Same goes for the ticket purchased through customer care.
  • Changes made after 24-hours of booking, will incur an additional charge.
  • As a result of changing flights and booking a new ANA Airways flight ticket in the process, any increase in the price is paid by the traveler and if the flight price is less than the old one, the airline will pay the customers.
  • Passengers can change their date, time, itinerary, meals and seats without any charges, if done according to the ANA AIRWAYS change policy 2022.
  • If a passenger has booked a round trip and wants to change it to a one-way trip, then the airline will charge change fees on only one way fare.
  • ANA Airways charges an average change fee between 100 USD & 400 USD.
  • Meal changes can be made till your departure date. A small amount will be charged.
  • Minor changes can be done free of cost on the same day as the booking.
  • For travelers to change their surnames, proper documentation must be shared.

ANA Cancellation Policy

ANA Airways Cancellation Policy has introduced a number of add-ons in addition to existing ones pertaining to the arrival of covid 19. Till 2023, ANA Airways is not charging change/cancellation charges on its flights and have added flexibility in regards to refund, credit points, date change, etc. Let’s have a look into existing as well as new provisions.

  • ANA Airways 24-hour Cancellation policy: allows a customer to cancel their flight without incurring any additional charges. The only conditions to which customers have to adhere to is ANA flight is canceled within 24-hours, flight is flying in/out of the USA, and the flight is due to fly in 7 days or more. Lastly, the booked ANA Airways flight is made and not with a 3rd party travel company.
  • ANA Airways Cancellation Charges: differ from ticket type to type. As of now, all change charges have been waived off till further notice. No cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your booked flight 55 days prior to the departure. Cancellation done between 45 to 54 days of departure will incur a cancellation charge around 30% of fare. If your ticket is canceled between 44 to 28 days of scheduled departure, 40% of the ticket price is charged as a cancellation fee and a cancellation fee of 50% of fare is charged when the ticket is canceled between 27-14 days of scheduled departure. Lastly, a 60% fare is charged when you cancel your ticket within 13 days of departure and a 100% fare is charged if you canceled your ticket after departure.
  • ANA Airways Cancellation Policy 2022 Changes: The new provisions allows customers to cancel your trip and board another flight or request for a refund, if you canceled your ANA AIRWAYS flight before your departure. Any changes to your tickets or refund will be accepted without any charges if done during the course of covid. Only paid tickets are eligible for cancellation and refund (excluding award tickets, military tickets). Requests can be made up to one year and 30 days from the travel start date and the validity of request remains up to 1 year. International tickets starting withPNR number 205 are all applicable for free cancellation and refund. Those who have booked through the mileage program will be refunded the points back at their Mileage club account.
  • ANA Airways Change Flight: To change your ANA Airways flight date or time, change it under Manage My bookings heading without costing anything if done within the given time period and is according to the policies of the airlines. Customers can also make changes by calling the ANA AIRWAYS customer care number, but changes will not be instant and may incur additional charges.
  • ANA Airways Cancellation Insurance: ANA Airways doesn’t offer in-flight insurance to cover losses against cancellation, delay or lost baggage. Customers can purchase a third party insurance to be insured against any losses while boarding ANA flight.

ANA Refund Policy

ANA's Refund Policy contains a number of points and rules & regulations which if we start to talk about, can take a chunk of your time. So,considering the busy schedule of people, we have dedicated this section to only major highlights which will cover all immediate and primary flight refund issues.

  • ANA Airways Refund Processing Time: Around 7 to 15 business days can take to process your ANA Airways ticket refund. In case of third-party bookings or travel agents bookings, refunds will not be handled by ANA Airways airlines but the provider.
  • ANA Airways Refund Status: ANA Airways refund claims are filed online on “ ANA Airways manage My Bookings” or via a refund form on the ANA Airways reservation website. Registered customers or Mileage club members can file a refund and check its status under ‘Manage My Bookings Headings”, whereas non-registered customers or new ones have to file a refund forum online on the ANA Airways booking website. Subtleties which customers have to fill include first name, last name, PNR number, ticket type, payment method, and mobile number. Tickets which are eligible for refund, automatically get a cancellation button under “Manage my Bookings” head, click on it and claim your refund.
  • ANA Airways Refund Policy Within 24 Hours: A full refund is granted if cancellation is done within 24 cancellation policy irrespective of the ticket type. You will get your refund in 6 to 15 business working days to the original payment method.
  • ANA Airways Refund Email: ANA Airways do not offer email support when it comes to refund queries or claims. You have to either call its reservation number or go to ANA Airways “Manage My Bookings” Head.
  • ANA Airways Refundable Tickets: ANA Airways tickets are classified into low-fare tickets and high-fare tickets. Low fare tickets or economy/premium economy fares are non-refundable, you can only get credit points to book future travel tickets. Fully flex business or first class tickets are refundable ones, though you will be charged a cancellation fee depending on the time and date when you cancel your tickets. A maximum of 300 dollars are charged if canceling low-fare tickets and a maximum of 500 dollars are charged if canceling a high fare ticket. On partially used tickets, All Nippon airlines do not provide refunds.
  • ANA Airways No-Show Refunds: Passengers can claim the refund only after the scheduled departure and are subject to no-show fee alongside airlines cancellation fees.


Q - What is the ANA reservation number?

Ans- ANA Airways US and Japan reservation number is 1-800-235-9262. The helpline number is open 5 am to 2 am PST (7 days/week), and 6 am to 3 am PDT (7 days/week). When calling from outside of the US, international call charges will apply. For customers outside of the USA, should dial +1-310-782-3011. International call charges will apply.

Q - Does ANA Airways charge for carry-on luggage bags?

Ans- ANA Airways passengers can bring one bag and one personal item free of cost onboard. Beyond that, passengers are charged. You have to purchase an additional seat in case your carry-on allowance doesn’t fit the carry-on baggage requirements. Also, depending on the aircraft type and size of your onboard item, you won’t be able to carry that item despite meeting the size and weight measurements.

Q - Is ANA Airways OK to fly with Travelsotravel.com?

Ans- Travelsotravel saves your time and hassle by eliminating the need to fill out details or wait for responses. The certified travel experts will let you have the best possible deals here. Whether it's a last-minute booking or bundling packages, you will find the best deals on top travel destinations at travelaotravel.com.

Q - How do I talk to someone live at ANA Airways?

Ans- ANA Airways does not offer live chat. The best way to talk to someone live at ANA Airways is by dialing 800-235-9262. At other ANA Airways helpline numbers, press 0 at the start and tell them to connect me to a live person. Otherwise, subscribe to the ANA Mileage club program and get exclusive priority when calling their helpline.

Q - How do I cancel my ANA Airways flight and get a refund?

Ans- To cancel your ANA Airways flight, simply login with your credentials at the ANA Airways reservation website and use the cancel your flight toggle button under My reservation head. At the same time, you can apply for the refund under the same head, which will be credited to you within 7 working days.

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